The Faceless
Planetary Duality
Style: Technical brutal Death Metal
Release date: February 23rd 2009

Those, who have no face, come from out of space.

Strange 5-piece this The Faceless. First song "Prison Born" rages on high speed as we are used from bands such as Suffocation and Cannibal Corpse. Very technical, but also with some resting points in between. The fast drumming sometimes sounds a little bit too computerized to me, but perhaps I'm mistaken and it is such a very tight and fast drummer indeed. In the song "Sons of Belial" they even come with a clean vocal part that could have been from a band like Textures. Don't expect easy music; with lots of different vocal parts such as grunting, screaming and clean singing in combination with tempo changes and technical skills you have to be very open-minded.

What makeThe Faceless special and different from most of the other bands in this genre are the technical structures in combination with parts as we know them from a band like Cynic. These kinds of weird spacey serene parts in between the raging brutal technical death metal differs them from lots of genre mates. I came to the conclusion that it is not exactly my kind of thing, but I can imagine that they are a welcome change for those who want something else.

An impressive, aggressive, rather extreme and technical band and this is not easy listening stuff. It is all well produced and the skilful musicians make this a good album. I find it a little too much, but those people who became interested after reading this, must certainly take a listen.

01. Prison Born
02. The Ancient Covenant
03. Shape Shifters
04. Coldly Calculated Design
05. Xenochrist
06. Sons of Belial
07. Legion of the Serpent
08. Planetary Duality I (Hideous Revalation)
09. Planetary Duality II (Prophecies Fruition)
Label: Lifeforce Records
Provided by:  Lifeforce Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: January 31st 2009