The Dead Lay Waiting
We Rise
Style: Deathcore
Release date: October 26th 2009

- One of the most exciting new bands you’ll hear this year!

Well... this is what I read on the press-release I received with this CD by the English deathcore band THE DEAD LAY WAITING.


The CD is called ‘We Rise’ and it’s sadly not the most interesting CD I have experienced this year. Not that I totally hate this album... but I’m not really impressed with it either.


Their music is quite typical deathcore with a melodic death metal edge and we do get a very impressive start with the very first track, “Anxiety”. The track is all about interesting riffs and a very melodic chorus with clean vocals... done the Gothenburg way. This track rules, boys and girls. This track really kicks ass.


Unfortunately “Anxiety” is the only track on this release that managed to really kick my ass. The rest of the songs are not bad by any means, but I find myself doing other things, such as doing the laundry or watching TV. The band do provide us with quite interesting riffs and structures in the title-track “We Rise”,  but I don’t feel like playing this CD over and over again. I miss something to put it simple.


Well... to be fair... they know how to mix pure thrash/death metal riffs and the start/stop riffs very typical for this genre to perfection... just take a listen to track 9 “We stand As One”. A track with riffs that leads my mind towards a huge and heavy battle-tank destroying everything in sight. But that’s about it!


Fans of deathcore should check this album out as soon as possible. Old school death metal freaks should maybe look somewhere else for their daily (over)dose of metal.

01. Anxiety
02. 50S
03. I'll Hunt You Down
04. You Look Better When Your Dead
05. What We've Done
06. Set Me Free
07. We Rise
08. Just In Time
09. We Stand As One
10.  The Last Stand
11. I Will Return

Show Your Worth

Label: Rising Records
Promotion: Gordeon Music
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: August 29th 2009