The Butterfly Effect
Final Conversation of Kings
Style: Progressive/Alternative/Rock/Metal
Release date: June 29th 2009

There is something about Aussie bands, they do often stand out soundwise; pop and rock bands like Midnight Oil, INXS and Savage Garden do all have a unique sound, and when we turn our attention to rock and metal bands it becomes even more evident with bands like Voyager, Vauxdvihl, Cog, Unitopia and now The Butterfly Effect.

Superball Music has hit bulls-eye with The Butterfly Effect and 'Final Conversation of Kings' is one of the most impressive albums soundswise so far this year and they have recorded an album without limitations or borders, really challenging the listeners, demanding us to pay extra attention to all the layers of sounds and influences.

The Butterfly Effect sounds like no one else and they have created ten small rock gems that with its epic soundscapes take us on a very special audio journey through airwaves of The Butterfly Effect.

Give this one a try if you are into other of Australia’s many unique sounding rock bands, and I promise you that you will discover something special and great from Down Under, if you take the time needed because this one is for the open-minded and progressive freaks amongst us.

01. Worlds on Fire
02. Room Without a View
03. Final Conversation
04. The Way
05. Window and the Watcher
06. ...And the Promise of the Truth
07. In These Hands
08. 7 Days
09. Rain
10. Sum of 1
Label: Superball Music
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: May 10th 2009