The Bereaved
Daylight Deception
Style: Modern Melodic Death Metal
Release date: May 18th 2009

’Daylight Deception’ is the title of the brand new album by the Sweden based modern melodic death metal band THE BEREAVED... and a must buy if you’re into that kinda stuff.


My promo-CD contains 10 tracks of... as written above... modern melodic death metal with all the typical ingredients, such as; Harsh vocals, choruses with clean vocals and excellent guitar runs.


I’m not familiar with their debut album, so I can’t compare it to this brand new one, but if it’s just as good as ’Daylight Deception’, then it’s worth checking out too.

Well... even though the harsh vocals get a bit monotonous in the long run the excellent guitar runs makes up for that. And the clean vocal in the catchy choruses adds another 30 points in my book.

Tracks like “Parasitic Sleep”, “Freezing Blood” and “Heartlight Signal”, to name a few are all packed with thoughtful tempos and interesting structures that will blow you away. But the best track of the bunch is the last one. Namely the fucking awesome “An Inconvenient Lie”. This track rules, boys and girls! Everything fits like a glove when it comes to this track. The guitar runs, the vocals, the drumming... everything.


Modern melodic death metal fans should by or seriously regret not doing so!

01. Zero of the Day
02. Parasitic Sleep
03. Alter the Image
04. Freezing the Blood
05. Shelter Through Severance
06. Heartlight Signal
07. Cold December Night
08. Skeleteen
09. Imprint of a Star
10. An Inconvenient Lie
Label: Vic Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 70/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: May 28th 2008