Sworn Enemy
Total World Domination
Style: Crossover thrash
Release date: June 22nd 2009

Sworn Enemy's fourth full-length ('Integrity Defines Strength' was a 10-track EP, not a full length), is a naturally successor of 2008 'Maniacal'. Still the hardcore roots can be found in the songs, but the thrash influences of bands like Exodus and Slayer are all over the place. If you liked 'Maniacal' chances are that you will be a sucker for 'Total World Domination' as well.

The 11 songs with total playing time of just over the 35 minutes are all short nasty knocks in your face, the Exodus riffs and Slayer tempo's are not without any foundation. Some songs remind of nowadays thrash garnets like Lazarus A.D and Warbringer. First track 'Sell My Soul' could easily have been on Lazarus A.D.'s latest record. The only thing that differs from these bands is the more hardcore background, just listen to "Lies"; singer Sal LoCoco is as aggressive as always and he sounds even more like a thrash vocalist, but still uses his HC background.

When Sworn Enemy started they were often called: "the Slayer of Hardcore". In my opinion they moved a bit away from that style album after album. If it was up to me to describe them at this moment, I would call them: "the Exodus of Hardcore"; less Slayer and more modern Exodus kind of thrash. Especially the riffs they use nowadays see to that - nothing wrong with that, because Exodus is still one of the best thrash combos today, right? That the band doesn't turn away from their roots completely, which they show by covering the Blood for Blood song "All Fucked Up".

If you like nowadays NWOT bands such as Lazarus A.D., Warbringer, Evile etc. or just the oldies Slayer, Exodus and Testament you won't be disappointed if you purchase this one.

01. Sell My Soul
02. Aftermath
03. Run For Shelter
04. Still Hating
05. On the Outside
06. Lies
07. Ready To Fight
08. Disconnect
09. All Fucked Up (Blood For Blood cover)
10. Step In the Ring
11. Home Of the Brave
Label: Century Media
Distribution: EMI (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: May 27th 2009
Website: www.myspace.com/swornenemy