Back to the Noose
Style: Pirate Thrash
Release date: July 24th 2009

SWASHBUCKLE is a trio from New Jersey and is a winner of a international Nuclear Blast MySpace contest and ‘Back to the Noose’ is their second full length release.


SWASHBUCKLE is a so called pirate thrash metal band and they are surprisingly good. We get 21 songs and the album clicks in at about 42 minutes. Their music is a mix of pure pirate-punk-hardcore influenced thrash and Caribbean interludes.


The thrashy songs are fast, raw and unpolished and a lot of fun... and they somehow remind me of S.O.D./M.O.D. -And be sure that most of the songs will kick your ass. There are a few fillers to be found... but what the hell.


The Caribbean interludes are not bad either. They seem to glue the thrashy songs together in a quiet and nice way. They are all both well played and quite catchy.


Even though that hardcore punk influenced thrash is not my strongest side, I welcome this band. They are catchy and a lot of fun. And I’m sure that they don’t take themselves too serious.


The next time I’m having a party I might just invite SWASHBUCKLE to play at it. I’m not sure that they would show up... but heck... then I’ll put ‘Back to the Noose’ on instead and THRASH.


See www.myspace.com/swashbuckle

Label: Nuclear Blast GmbH
Distribution: VME (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: July 31st 2009
Website: www.swashbuckle.info