Suicidal Angels
Sanctify the Darkness
Style: Thrash Metal
Release date: November 20th 2009

I know, there is almost no musical originality to discover on this CD. But what the fuck, there are just great riffs and the pleasure in playing splashes from this  record. This band from Greece won a contest on the internet organized by an Austrian booking-agency called "Rock The Nation". A lot of fans around the globe voted for them and in the end they got rewarded with a Nuclear Blast deal.


The music is very contagious and you can hardly keep sitting still on a chair. It is as if you are back in the eighties with thrash giants such as Destruction, Kreator and Slayer (especially the guitar solos). Suicidal Angels is a mixture of these three (proportions: 40% Destruction, 25% Kreator, 30% Slayer and 5% Suicidal Angels) and in stead of a lot of other NWOT-bands, they keep it interesting. The songs are good and the singing lines are interesting. Perhaps this has something to do with the production done by compatriot R.D. Liapakis (vocalist of Mystic Prophecy).


My personal favourite is the track "Atheist". This song has some very nice guitar riffs and it has a very addictive galloping rhythm. This second CD from these young thrashers will find its way to my player often; dreaming about the times when I was young and still had hair on my head. Thrash the old way!


01. Bloodthirsty 4:48 

02. The Persistence of Saints 3:50

03. Inquisition 4:38

04. Apokathilosis 3;34

05. ... Lies 2:28

06. No More Than Illusion 3:38

07. Atheist 3:39

08. Beyond the Laws of Church 2:41

09. Mourning of the Cursed 1:55

10. Dark Abyss
      (Your Fate is Colored Black) 3:23

11. Child Molester 3:38 

Label: Nuclear Blast GmbH
Promotion: Nuclear Blast GmbH
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: November 14th 2009