The Foreboding Silence
Style: Black/noise
Release date: September 9th 2008

First thing I want to say about this record is that I don't understand there are people who call this music. Normally I'm very open-minded and always in for something new and different. Perhaps I'm not the right person to review this one, but the other reviewers were not banging on my door to do it either. Not that I blame them, so now I have the heavy task on my shoulders to do it.

Instead of music I would call it sound or noise with some musical black metal influences. A person called Sin Nanna is responsible for it. He left the corpse-paint behind and works very fast, because last April he also released an album. Not that I know it, and I don't want too either. After listening it twice, which regularly is not enough to give an album an honest judgement, I could not get myself that far pushing the repeat button. I'm not a whimp, but I'm not a masochist either.

Expect over the top vocal-effects with dissonant basic sounds with a guitar sounding as dry and poor as a church-mouse. The intro's and Interval's give it a misty sinister feeling. Some early Dark Throne influences are the basis for this 'music'. In the info from the record company they say that this is for fans of Xasthur and Mütiilation. I would also add Wold to it.

The rating at the top is of course what I think of it, those who are into this stuff might have found themselves one of the best 2008 records within this niche of metal!

01. Intro
02. Lonely Walk in a Desolate Cold Pine Forest
03. Interval
04. The Foreboding Silence
05. Interval II
06. Weeving Abandoned Spirit
07. Interval III
08. Intro II
09. My Journey Through the Hills and Paddocks
10. Somnambulistic Nightmares Return
11. Outro
Label: Displeased Records
Provided by: Displeased Records
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: February 13th 2009