Sound and Fury
Sound and Fury
Style: (Sleazy) Punk Rock
Release date: October 24th 2008

Punk is all about attitude, fun, pure energy and aggression, and not so much about the technical and polished side of rock. And Canadian band Sound and Fury delivers eleven straight forward and powerful punk rock songs with a slight sleazy side to them; dirty, nasty and ferocious punk rock.

This in all about running wild in the streets, chicks, having fun and doing crazy stuff and not to take life too serious, just like their music. Sure they are true to the traditions in punk rock, and the outcome is eleven outburst of energy, but it doers quickly become too monotone and simplistic.

This one went in one ear and straight out the other, and absolutely nothing left a lasting memory with me. But if you need a shot of music that is situated somewhere in between AC/DC and traditional punk rock then I suggest you give this one a listen, I for one will quickly forget all about the band and move on...

01. School's Out
02. Teenage Rampage
03. Can't Get Enough
04. 18
05. Bad Touch
06. Night of the Ghouls
07. High School Highbox
08. Runaway Love
09. Supercharged
10. The Stranger
11. Hellhound
Label: Rebel Youth / SOAL / H'art
Promotion: CMM GmbH
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: May 16th 2009