Stream of Passion
The Flame Within
Style: Gothic Metal
Release date: June 1st 2009

Marcela Bovio is a very talented vocalist and she shows her full range on this album, which is a very good thing because the music does only play second fiddle to her performance on the second Stream of Passion album entitled: 'The Flame Within'.

The emotional piano parts and the well arranged string arrangements as well as the mysterious melodies and vocals delivered by Marcela Bovio are the positive aspects of the album, where as the guitar work drags it in the other direction.

The heavy guitar parts never lift the songs off the ground and make the songs epic or majestic, something I expect for a quality gothic metal release. The result is that things get too monotone and I loose interest fairly quick.

A brilliant vocal performance simply isn't enough to salvage 'The Flame Within', but I do salute her on her performance here, and the album does rear its ugly head on occasion, but those occasions are sadly too far between to make this more than your average gothic metal album.

01. The Art of Loss
02. In the End
03. Now or Never
04. When you Hurt Me the Most
05. Run Away
06. Game We Play
07. The Endless Night
08. My Leader
09. Burn My Pain
10. Let Me In
11. Street Spirit
12. A Part of You
13. All I Know
Label: Napalm Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: June 5th 2009