Sick of Society
Weekend Anarchy
Style: Punk/ Hardcore
Release date: June 9th 2009

For starters I must admit that I am not familiar with the bands previous five releases so it was with a great deal of curiosity that I turned up for Weekend Anarchy. And what a pleasant surprise it was! The music was raw but also quite fun and within the limits of the genre quite varied, so varied that the tunes stand out very clearly from one another even after a few spins of the album.

PorníníRoll is the bands own term for their music and they describe the term themselves as filthy and wicked like an adult movie at the same time mangy in its performance and anarchic in spirit. I would call their music punk with some strong influences from metal and hardcore. Party Punk would not be far from it either because the music has a certain quality that cries out for cheep beer and the volume up to the max.

What can I say against this album by Sick of Society? Not much in the department of finding really grave points of mistakes, it just lacks something to be really outstanding. All in all this is a solid punkish album quite above average.

On top of the 17 (quite short) tracks on the album you are also going to get a multimedia part where you can see videos and stuff about the band. Most of the tracks are sung in English but two are sung in German and I find it very refreshing that they throw in a few tracks in their native tongue.

You can buy Weekend Anarchy directly from the band for the small sum of five Euros, not a bad buy if you like this style of music and a cold beer.


01. Intro
02. Weekend Anarchist
03. Alles Scheisse!!!
04. The Wall
05. It's a Monster
06. Start a War
07. War in the Name of Freedom
08. The Missing Link
09. In the Drain
10. Give Up...
11. The Peel
12. Incomplete
13. Opressed
14. Nothing is Free
15. It's all in Vain
16. Continue To Exist
17. Endstatio Bahnhofsklo 

Label: Self Release
Provided by: Metal
Artwork rating: 20/100
Reviewed by: Steen SchÝn
Date: July 27th 2009