Style: Power Doom Metal
Release date: March 27th 2009

‘Yes! Yes! Real DOOM f*cking METAL!’


Those were my cries of joy when I flipped this CD into the player for the first time and an intro heavier than Messiah Marcolin’s big bum poured out of the speakers.


Then, uh-huh, Semlah launched into a more upbeat part and that was fine too. Would have liked a bit more of that reeeeeeally heavy stuff, but fair enough, they’ve got something completely right here. And the utter heaviness returns a couple of songs later, no worries. Yes, this is a doom metal album with something that is extremely dear to me, namely variation.


I sound very positive, don’t I (unfitting as it may seem, the genre considered)? Well, how come the lukewarm rating?


Now, the reason I don’t listen to much doom is that I’m of the conviction that bands who want to play doom metal must have extremely strong singers. Semlah’s Jolle (?) doesn’t fall into that category in my opinion. He brings everything down one step. A bit like a Blaze Bailey in front of Iron Maiden, if you catch my drift.


A shame – otherwise this album would have been a well-nigh perfect burst of Swedish power doom metal.


Judge for yourself – you might like his voice – I can’t get to terms with it.


01. From the Seat of False Judgement

02. Path of a Waning Moon

03. Axioms of Life

04. Perennial Movement III

05. Machination

06. Manifestation Obscure

07. Perennial Movement II

08. Frayed Wings

09. Beyond Salvation

10. My Spirits Fail

11. Havoc

Label: Cyclone Empire
Distribution: Cyclone Empire
Artwork rating: 78/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: April 12th 2009