Scourged Flesh
Welcome to the End of the World
Style: Death Metal
Release date: October 30th 2009

Not even one hair on my head would have expected that this combo has a Christian background. Not that it makes any difference because it's the music that must convince. I have missed out on their first two records, therefore I have no material to compare this, their third album with. I have listened to a lot of death albums lately and I must confess that such an overkill makes you loose a little interest.


The first tunes of "Death and Destruction" however did wake me up instantly. Why? Well, I can't find a real fitting answer. Is the music this Australian death combo plays so very different or special from all the other death stuff? No, not exactly. Are their musical skills from such a high standard that colleagues look like mad baboons suffering from hydrophobia? No! Is it the variety in the songs that makes the album worth listening to? No, not exclusively. Is it the aggressive, clear and understandable grunting of Todd Kiligallon? Perhaps, surely doesn't work against them. Is it maybe the very strange interlude (someone imitating a guitar solo with his voice?) like in "Extinct" that makes it worth buying the album?


I don't exactly know why I find this one an interesting album, but do I have to?? I just enjoyed it and that's what counts doesn't it? Ok, just one irritating thing: in "Waves of Disaster" there are some clean vocals too, please stop with that!!


The info sheet says: "recommended to fans of Bolt Thrower and Obituary". It wouldn't have occurred to me, but perhaps they are right a little.


01. Death and Destruction

02. War Machine

03. Chains of Slavery

04. Shadow Storm

05. Extinct

06. Waves of Disaster

07. Napier

08. Episodes of Hate

09. Blood on Thy Hands

10. Unleashed

Label: Soundmass
Promotion: Infinite Metal Promotion
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: October 22nd 2009