Into the Labyrinth
Style: Heavy Metal
Release date: January 12th  2009


When SAXON released ’Lionheart’ in 2004 I was quite disappointed with it but they returned to form again with ‘The Inner Sanctum’ in 2007, so therefore I was quite eager to check out their brand new release ‘Into The Labyrinth’.


The CD kicks in with one hell of a track called “Battalions of Steel”. A very bombastic and fresh sounding track and one of the best songs that SAXON has ever written. What a start! The single “Live To Rock”’ and the great up-tempo “Demon Sweeny Todd” follows and SAXON is still on the right track. Then Valley Of The Kings is up... also a quite bombastic track... and a very good one indeed. But then something happens... the next 5 tracks are not above average in my humble opinion. There are a couple of great riffs to be found but the tracks are all in all a tad boring. Especially the very weak “Slow Lane Blues is very, very boring...!


What saves this album from being dull is the next 2 tracks; The up-tempo “Hellcat” with its driving guitar riff and a chorus I have heard a million times... but still one of my favourite songs on ‘Into The Labyrinth’... and “Come Rock Of Ages (The Circle Is Complete).


Track 13 is a slide guitar blues song called “Coming home”. SAXON fans are already familiar with the electric version of the ‘Killing Ground’ album (2001).


Well... a solid piece of work from SAXON... but not their best album in my humble opinion.

01. Battalions of Steel
02. Live to Rock
03. Demon Sweeney Todd
04. The Letter
05. Valley of the Kings
06. Slow Lane Blues
07. Crime of Passion
08. Premonition in D Minor
09. Voice
10. Protect Yourselves
11. Hellcat
12. Come Rock of Ages
13. Coming Home
Label: Steamhammer/SPV
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 70/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: January 14th 2008