Savage Messiah
Insurrection Rising
Style: Thrash Metal
Release date: September 7th 2009

There are not that many good thrash combo's in the UK. Especially not those who play in the so called technical U.S. thrash tradition. Of course we all know Evile and now you can add Savage Messiah to the list. To be sure the album sounds as a Swiss clock, they hired Chris Tsangarides ('Painkiller' - Judas Priest  and 'Tattooed Millionares' - Bruce Dickinson among others) for the production.

The songs have a nice thrashy and crunchy sound and the guitar players produce nice melodic dual harmonies, you can hear there is a certain chemistry between them. Dave Silver's voice sounds like a combination of Chuck Billy and Dave Mustaine. In the song "The Serpent Tongue of Divinity" they even use some grunting vocals. As a matter of fact, besides Anthrax, Death Angel, Laaz Rockit and Megadeth, Testament is one of their main influences. The nicest thing about this band is that they try to put some originality into their music too, they don't just copy their idols. Savage Messiah has succeeded in playing a more modern version of the late 80's / early 90's U.S. thrash.

The excellent lead guitar work, the classic riffage and the good vocals make this an album for all those who like the late 80's and early 90's U.S. thrash stuff, but Evile, Shatter Messiah and Havoc fans can certainly pick this one up too. A new UK thrash sensation is rising!

01. Insurrection Rising
02. Corruption X
03. In Absence of Liberty
04. The Serpent Tongue of Divinity
05. Vigil of the Navigator
06. Enemy Image (Dehumanization)
07. Silent Empire
08. The Nihilist Machine
09. He Who Laughs Last
Label: Candlelight Records
Distribution: Plastic Head Music Distibution Ltd 
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: August 24th 2009