Sanction X
The Last Day
Style: Power Metal
Release date: June 26th 2009

The only X-Factor in this band in the X in the band name! Everything else is just a journey down the same road of mediocrity so many, many other bands have travelled before.

Sure they have the skills to create powerful metal with roots in the progressive end of the spectre of German Power Metal, and this is very sound technically, but like so many other bands their music end up being just that; sound, but they do not in any way stand out.

Powerful and heavy, some fine guitar leads, well crafted songs and a decent production - well that can be said about almost every Power Metal release these days, and that alone is simply not enough to make it these days in the cut-throat competition. And Sanction X lands in the ever-growing pile of mediocre upcoming bands that need to work on the song writing to take the next step forward...

01. The Calling
02. When Fire Will Touch the Night
03. Demon's Dance
04. Eyes of a Stranger
05. Alone Again
06. Feeling Came To Me
07. Reason Why We Were Born
08. The Eyes
09. The Last Day
10. Eternal Light
11. Fly Away
Label: Metal Heaven
Promotion: GerMusica Promotion
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: May 24th 2009