Black Reign
Style: Death Metal
Release date: May 2009

By the look of it from the (poorly written) biography that accompanied the promo for this CD, Swedish Sanctification is one of those line-up nightmares with people running in and out constantly. The singer/bassist, who was in the band at the time of the recording of the CD, is no longer in. He was replaced by Emporer Magus Caligula from Dark Funeral after the completion of the album. The session drummer who was used for the album is by the way also from Dark Funeral.


The two guitarists, Tomas Eloftsson and Marcus Edvardsson, are members of death metal combo In Battle (along with drummer Nils Fjellström), so I suppose Sanctification isn’t a full-time occupation for anyone.


Nevertheless, the result of the recordings at the Abyss Studios is more than decent. Raw and powerful, the Tägtgren brothers have aided Sanctification and assured an up-to-date and relevant death metal sound anno 2009.


Do not expect the typical Swedish death metal a la Entombed, Dismember or In Flames. Although the Gothenburg sound is not completely lost on Sanctification, the main inspiration comes from across the Atlantic and lends much more to Deicide and Morbid Angel than their compatriots.


This is for fans of the ur-death metal riff, the double bass drums and the brutal growl. It’s old-school with a new school feel. It’s catchy, it’s tight - it’s f*cking metal!


01. Thirst for Blood

02. Black Reign

03. Raw

04. Eternal

05. Hear This

06. Dead Forever

07. Flesh, Bone and Skin

08. Trucido Christianese

09. Storm

Label: Pulverised Records
Promotion: Sure Shot-Worx
Artwork rating: 75/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: July 15th 2009