Saltatio Mortis
Wer Wind Sät
Style: Medieval Rock
Release date: August 28th 2009

Originally hailing from Mannheim, Saltatio Mortis (Death Dance; roughly translated) kicks of with "Ebenbild". With sinister lyrics, demanding choruses and the always present pipes this folk band delivers its business card. The with Eastern elements polished "Salome" has guest vocals done by Doro Pesch. Third song "La Jument de Michad" exchanges from serene parts into heavier parts you want to dance to and party with.

Tears are running down my cheeks during the song "Letzte Worte", a very emotional track with pipes and touching vocals. With "Kaltes Herz" the tempo is going up again and if you close your eyes, you will be dreaming of the dark-ages; dancing around big tables with lots of beers and beautiful women. "Rastlos" is one of the heavier tracks, the main riff in the song is more metal-oriented. In the song "Miststück" they continue the heaviness after which "Tief in Mir" wants you to sing-a-long. "Aus Träumen Gebaut" is again a very beautiful and emotional song that gives you a lump in the throat. "Manus Manum Lavat" (one hand washes the other) starts very serene, but changes in one of the most happy tunes on the album; where is the bartender?

If you don't mind the German lyrics and are looking for medieval folk rock/metal with a lot of pipes, party songs and emotional parts, then you should try this out. They are not as metal as In Extremo and Schandmaul, but perhaps fans of these bands will like this one too? I have enjoyed it, Prost! 

01. Ebenbild
02. Salome
03. La Jument De Michad
04. Letzte Worte
05. Kaltes Herz
06. Rastlos
07. Miststück
08. Tief in Mir
09. Aus Träumen Gebaut
10. Manus Manum Lavat
11. Vergessene Götter
12. Wir Säen Den Wind 
Label: Napalm Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark) 
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: September 10th 2009