Ronny Munroe
The Fire Within
Style: Traditional Metal
Release date:September 25th 2009


We were all saddened (some angered) by the way Metal Church had to go. Even so, deep down inside we still want every tidbits of Metal Church we can get our hands on. Though David Wayne era was my favorite, Ronny Munroe has proven himself enough in Metal Church I think. Therefore, it is only proper to have a band of his own.

Ronny Munroe calls his music Traditional Metal and it is that for a reason with added surprises. Don't get me wrong, the album isn't dull at all. Some songs are imploring from the very start and easy to sing along to. Some songs sound even heavier than what he does in MC. Another pleasant surprise.

His superb voice to me is like a cross between Dio and David Defeis's (Metal giants in my book), without Defeis's excessive use of 'lion's roar' in the ending of every line (Virgin Steel fans should know what I mean by this).
Ronny does a quite a job on this, especially the cover of RAINBOW's Man on the Silver Mountain. It is different, and it is beyond mediocre. The album feature some very well-known names but you'll have to figure it out when you buy it. Person in denial, yes I am referring to you.

01. Far (04:34)
02. What You Choose to Call Hell (I call Home) (05:36)
03. Deafening Hypocrisy (05:02)
04. Rebuild the Ruins (04:06)
05. Delirium (03:08)
06. Demon Opera (05:02)
07. Sea of Souls (05:26)
08. Desperate Man (05:54)
09. Ivory Towers (04:16)
10. Evil Genius (04:12)
11. Ride Me (03:46)
12. Man on the Silver Mountain (Rainbow Cover) (04:28)
Label: Metal Heaven
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 50/100
Reviewed by: Haydee G.
Date: September 5th 2009