Rob Rock
The Voice of Melodic Metal (Live in Atlanta)
Style: Melodic Metal
Release date: May 22nd 2009

Well, the title says’s it all really. Rob Rock is “The Voice of Melodic Metal” no doubts about that & this 11 track live album cements that heading. The Voice of Melodic Metal is the first ever live album & DVD of Rob Rock. It was recorded at the ProgPower USA IX festival at Center Stage in Atlanta, Georgia on the 27th September 2008. Joining Rob on stage for this performance are the following musicians, CJ Grimmark (Narnia) – Guitar, Andreas Passmark (Divinefire, Narnia) – Bass, Peter Halgren – Guitar & Tracy Shell – Drums.

The first thing that hit me straight away with this album was how heavy it sounded compared to the studio albums. The sound they get on this CD is huge and just floors you. The sound is crystal clear, but it still has that “Live” feel to the whole album. The crowd noise through the entire album is amazing. And did I mention how “HEAVY” it is!!!! It is great to hear Rob in such fine form. I was a bit worried to tell you the truth to see if he could sing that well live, but them fears were smashed after about 30 seconds. Rob covers everything off the first 4 albums (Rage of Creation 2000, Eyes of Eternity 2003, Holy Hell 2005 & Garden of Chaos 2007) plus he also plays the classic Rob Rock anthem “I’m a Warrior” which finishes off the album.

I’m not really one for “live” albums. But this time around The Voice of Melodic Metal has been very enjoyable & it is great to finally hear Rob Rock live. Can’t wait to get the DVD of this performance, which should be great also.

01. Garden of Chaos
02. First Winds of the End of Time
03. Rock the Earth
04. In the Night
05. Slayer of Souls
06. Judgement Day
07. Only a Matter of Time
08. This Time is the Last Time
09. Savior's Call
10. Metal Breed
11. I'm a Warrior
Label: AFM Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Tye Brown
Date: May 8th 2009