Revolution Renaissance
Age of Aquarius
Style: Melodic Power Metal
Release date: March 23rd 2009

After the first Revolution Renaissance album 'New Era' with Micael Kiske and Tobias Sammett as guests, Timo Tolkki decided to recruit members to make Revolution Renaissance a real band. Through adds on his Myspace page he found the Brazilian vocalist Gus Monsanto (Adagio), Hustin Biggs on bass, Mike Khalilov on keyboards and Bruno Angra (also Brazilian) on drums to complete the band. What's new on this album is that control freak Timo did not write all of the songs himself (in Stratovarius he was responsible for over 95% of the songwriting), but made it a real band-effort.

Musically this record is again a little step away from the Strato-style, less power metal, less fast, but more melodic rock, more epic and full of bombastic and orchestral arrangements. Surprisingly enough, new drummer Bruno is responsible for those orchestral parts. And singer Gus is a gain, he has a good high reach and puts enough emotion into his voice. Timo found himself some good musicians to work with here and in the future, besides that, the master himself added some incredible solos to the songs.

This record is for people who like good bombastic, theatrical, melodic (power)-metal and well written songs which sometimes lean against kitsch. Fans that liked the more softer songs of Stratovarius will appreciate this one too.

01. Age of Aquarius
02. Sins of my Beloved
03. Ixion's Wheel
04. Behind the Mask
05. Ghost of Fallen Grace
06. Heart of All
07. So She Wears Black
08. Kyrie Eleison
09.  Into the Future
Label: Scarlet Records
Provided by: BL Music SNA
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: April 22nd 2009
Website: RR @ MySpace