Revolting Cocks
Sex-O Olympic-O
Style: Industrial Metal Dance
Release date: February 2nd 2009

Somewhere in Texas there’s a funny man with dreadlocks and a hyper-active creative gene. That man goes by the name of Al, and he’s been around in more than one way.


He did all the drugs science could come up with when he lived in Timothy Leary’s home. He explored the boundaries of metal and industrial music and went beyond them.


He miraculously got out of his abuse, found a woman and moved to El Paso where he created his own studio. He stills downs a bottle of red wine or two per day and smokes like a chimney, but he’s certainly alive.


Ministry is being killed off these days. The concept has apparently outlived itself. But that doesn’t mean that Al is resting on the laurels, no. He was busy killing off Revolting Cocks as well, but now word has it that the decision has been altered after the recording of the new album. The platter, according to Jourgensen, turned out so well that the project has to live on. Probably not with himself, but never mind that, the result of the band’s endeavours were just too good to let it be the last RevCo album.


And I have to hand it to Uncle Al: ‘Sex-0 Olympic-0’ is virtually a postmodern dance party that could go on without end.


The album is a raving groove-machine, the madness never quite spilling over but certainly lying there under the surface, thus creating a tension that grips you.


Invite your friends, get beers and dance the night away!


01 HookerBot3000
02 Keys To The City
03 Red Parrot
04 Robo Banditos
05 Cousins
06 Touch Screen
07 I'm Not Gay
08 Abundant Redundancy
09 Lewd Ferrigno
10 Wizard of Setown
11 HookerBot300 (Disco A Go Go Mix)

Label: 13th Planet/Soulfood
Promotion: Sure Shot Worx
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: January 5th 2009