Style: Symphonic Power Metal
Release date: May 15th 2009

’Higher’ is the title of the second album from the Swedish band ReinXeed formed by and around bandleader Tommy Johansson. I’m not familiar with their debut album, ‘The Light’ but let’s take a quick look at ‘Higher’, shall we?


‘Higher’ really reminds me of a symphonic and bombastic version of early Sonata Arctica and the 10 songs are packed with catchy choruses and catchy riffs. But it feels like you’ve heard everything before. Every chorus, every note.


Then we have the production... it's okay but could have been heavier and more powerful in my humble opinion.


Well... there’s talent here. No doubt. So if you can live with an album you feel like you’ve heard before and you’re in the mood for catchy symphonic melodic power metal, then you will find ‘Higher’ very enjoyable.


ReinXeed are already looking forward for the 3rd album and I’m sure that it could be a real winner.


Check ‘em out.

01. Haunted Mansion
02. Star Shine
03. Magic Still Remains
04. Dragonfly
05. Higher
06. Always Be There
07. Reality
08. Light Of The World
09. Fantasia
10. Heaven
Label: CMSweden/Rivel Records
Distribution: GerMusica Promotion
Artwork rating: 57/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: May 6th 2009