Universal Language
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: August 28th 2009

David Reece is probably best known for his participation on Accept's 'Eat the Heat' album back in 1989 and some of you might have come across him in Bangalore Choir or in his current band Swedish Gypsy Rose. 'Universal Language' is his first solo-album and on this album he is working together with Andy Susemihl (Guitars, ex-U.D.O.), Jochen Fünders (Bass, ex-Holy Moses) and Stefan Schwarzmann (Drums, Accept), and together they have fulfilled a dream for David, capturing David's visions and dreams on tape.

The visions are shared by co-writer and producer Andy Susemihl, and they have tried to bring past and present together in a strong bond. Melodic hard rock needs catchy hooklines to stand the test, something this album sadly lacks a lot. Only opening song "Before I Die" manages to bring it all together, and the rest comes across a bit pale and faceless.

With the exception of a few groovy songs in the middle of the album and a good ballad in 'Queen of My Dreams' there really isn't much discover here, and the album is somewhat forgettable and mediocre, and David's good vocal performance isn't enough to salvage this album.


01. Before I Die
02. All the Way
03. Flying Close to the Flame
04. Fantasy Man
05. The River
06. I’ll Remember You
07. Rescue Me
08. Once in a Lifetime
09. We Were Alive
10. Flesh and Blood
11. Queen of My Dreams
12. Yellow

Label: Metal Heaven
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: August 26th 2009