Razor Fist
Razor Fist Force
Style: Speed Metal
Release date: February 15th 2010

The beginning of the album “Razor Fist Force” strikes with strong thrash riffs and a bit retro vocals from the times of the first speed thrash wave. The band is deeply inspired from heavy metal as well. “Rage of the Black Blade” may delude you that this is thrash/speed. Further the guitars become lighter and the songs enter the epicentre of 80’es speed metal.


The premeditated jejune sound and the whole music turn us back to the golden years of Anvil, Raven and Artillery. Although the style is in close-fitting frames the influences on Razor Fist's music are diverse. In “Sex, Drugs and Metal” we hear an evident dedication to the bands of 70’es. From “Death’s Head Revisited” peeps the early Slayer.


This full-length debut charges with energy. In these 10 fast songs you could delight to rock ‘n’ roll party as well as to the speed sentences in the spirit of Cranium. To take a turn for better mood there are two live bonus tracks. Their studio versions could be listened only in the earlier Razor Fist’s EP “Metal Minds”.


The unique front cover combines the amateur’s naivety of the 80’es and a slipshod working with Photoshop. I would give the maximum rate about this 80’es classic music appearing nowadays, but I will refrain from this, because someone may get angry…


01. Rage of the Black Blade
02. Razor Fist Force
03. At One with the Wolf
04. Sex, Drugs, and Metal
05. Traitor in the Robe (Beware the Preacher)
06. When the Witches Ride
07. Death's Head Revisited
08. Demon Christ
09. Storming the Gates
10. Rally All Metal Forces
11. Sex, Drugs and Metal (live, bonus track)
12. Storming the Gates (live, bonus track)

Label: High Roller Records
Distribution: Twilight
Artwork rating: 70/100
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: December 22nd 2009
Website: www.myspace.com/razorfistmetal