Radio Silence
Whose Skin Are You Under Now?
Style: AOR
Release date: July 24th 2009

The English musician Alistair Gordon is certainly not new to the music business... no Sir... some of you out there might know that he has lend his voice to several artist such as; Eric Clapton and The Choirboys (among others). He has been a part of several bands or projects of his own... but let’s concentrate on this release by RADIO SILENCE called ‘Whose Skin Are You Under Now?’.


We get 12 tracks of AOR music and usually I like my music harder but this album is a pleasant surprise in my book. Alistair Gordon knows how to write a catchy tune that’s for sure. Give this album a few listens and you know what I mean. Well... there are a few songs here that are too soft for my taste but when the guitars start to hum I’m hooked right away.


The rockier songs are dripping with classy melodic rock hooks from start to finish and you’ll find yourself singing along to tracks such as; “Hand to Mouth”, “Mosquito”  and the excellent “Heart of Hearts”  before you know it.


Fans of AOR should at least check this album out.


Nice one.


01. Hand to Mouth
02. Mosquito
03. Wall of Silence
04. Staring at the Sun
05. When the Lights Go Down
06. Somethin' Going On
07. One Day at a Time
08. Another World
09. Shotgun Love
10. Heart of Hearts
11. Anyway the Wind Blows
12. Hide Your Love Away

Label: Escape Music
Promotion: Connecting Music
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: July 24th 2009