Pure Reason Revolution
Amor Vincet Omnia
Style: Pop rock / electronica
Release date: March 9th 2009

I find it hard to believe that the people responsible for the distribution of Pure Reason Revolutionís latest album Amor Vincit Omnia (Love Conquers All) had any idea what kind of site Power of Metal was when they chose to send us this promo. For if thereís one thing this band isnít, itís metal.

The music contained on this shiny coaster is a blend of pop, rock and electronic influences. By Ďelectronicí, my dear fellow metal heads, I am by no means referring to Fear Factory, Ministry or Nine Inch Nails but rather to the likes of New Order and Depeche Mode. On the Ďrockí side I hear bits and pieces from Smashing Pumpkins (such as Adore) as well as a number of typically British sounding acts such as Editors. The track Bloodless is probably the heaviest of the lot and my favorite on this album.

However, this is not bad at all. Itís a mixture of a lot of different styles of music and influences boiled down to a sound that is still very much PRRís own. The tracks are varied and interesting, and despite the electronic elements they come across as organic and, on the whole, homogenous. I see no point in giving this release a rating as it has no reference point among the other bands reviewed on this site. Still, if you enjoy the occasional diversion from the head banging routine, this might be a welcome respite.

01. Les Malheurs
02. Victorious Cupid
03. I) Keep Me Sane/Insane
II) Apogee
III) Requiem for the Lovers
04. Deus Ex Machina
05. Bloodless
06. Disconnect
07. The Gloaming
08. Avo
09. Secret Track
Label: Superball Music/SPV
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 40/100
Reviewed by: Martin Mathiasen
Date: February 25th 2009
Website: PRR @ MySpace