Journey's End
Style: Dark Metal
Release date: August 28th 2009

This album called ’Journey’s End’ is my first close encounter with the Irish band PRIMORDIAL and maybe my last. ‘Journey’s End’ consists of 2 CD’s. A re-issue of... ‘Journey’s End’ (surprise) and a full live show from 1999 in Lisbon.


PRIMORDIAL’S music is kinda hard to describe. They are black folk metal with a progressive edge, they are depressive, emotional, dark, melancholic yet aggressive and unique. Genre fans will probably wet themselves in excitement when the listen to this album and it certainly wins a little with every spin, however I miss something. It’s music for a certain mood and I sadly miss the memorable effect.


Track 2 “Dark Song” is the highlight for me. It’s a dark and melancholic almost acoustic track that really did something for me. I found myself drifting away and suddenly I was one with the music. There are certainly parts in the other songs that I enjoy... but some songs just seem to go on and on and on.


Well... it takes repeated listens for this album to sink in but even after numerous listens I’m still a bitconfused and lost somewhere between heaven and hell.


The live CD is certainly for fans only... because the production is Horrible... and I mean horrible! The sound is distorted and noisy and I couldn’t stand to listen to it more than one single time.


To sum it all up; If you’re into atmospheric dark metal then you should definitely give this band a listen or 2.


Check ‘em out.


CD 1
01. Graven Idol
02. Dark Song 5:04)
03. Autumn's Ablaze 8:16)
04. Journey's End 8:00)
05. Solitary Mourner 2:53)
06. Bitter Harvest 10:33)
07. An Aistear Deirneach 4:25)
08. Let The Sun Set on Life Forever 9:17)

CD 2
01. Infernal Summer (Live) (5:58)
02. The Calling (Live) (4:51)
03. Journey's End (Live) (7:21)
04. Children of the Harvest (Live) (6:49)
05. The Burning Season (Live) (8:28)
06. The Purging Fire (Gods to the Godless) (Live) (6:38)
07. Autumn's Ablaze (Live) (8:04)
08. Let the Sun Set on Life Forever (Live) (7:10)
09. Graven Idol (Live) (8:03)
10. To Enter Pagan (Live) (5:35)

Label: Metal Blade Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 10/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: September 26th 2009