Planar Evil
Mankind Way of Life
Style: Thrash
Release date: June 26th 2009

OK, the intro of ’Mankind Way of Life’ also got me. The sound of a skipping CD is all too familiar to those of us who still enjoy slipping a new disc into a player instead of listening to MP3’s all the time like the rest of the world. Good one, Planar Evil.


Speaking of familiar sounds: Planar Evil is another Italian band that has seen the light in the old school of Thrash metal.


To my ears, vocalist Mark Evil sounds a lot like Chris Astley from Xentrix (remember the British band who did a great cover of the Ghostbusters theme?), i.e. not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea.


Musically, I have to categorize ‘Mankind Way of Evil’ as good-times-party-thrash played the way we’ve heard it about a zillion times since 1986 from mostly German bands. You guessed it; not very original, but with a good portion of conviction.


The album is definitely worth checking out if you dig old-school thrash only. I can control my enthusiasm, though.



2.Vengeance 'll Come

3. Run Away

4. Stabs In The Back

5. Master Of Deceit

6. Insane

7. Intro

8. Land Of Doom*

9. In Front This Storm*

10. Only Crimes*

11. God Illusion*

12. Welcome To Transylvania...*

Label: MDD Label
Promotion: Sure Shot-Worx
Artwork rating: 50/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: August 30th 2009