In Blood and Heart
Style: Death/Thrash Metal
Release date: September 14th 2009

Persistense, a contraction of the words 'to persist' and 'intense' was founded in 2000 in Den Bosch, the Netherlands. In the beginning they called their style: 'Swingthrash'. I haven't got a clue what ingredients it takes to play swingthrash, but the band decided to change their style by introducing more power and groovy elements.


I would describe this record as a kind of groovy death metal with thrash elements and intelligent lyrics. The low grunting of Stefan van Vught has some similarities with Martin van Drunen (Asphyx, Hail Of Bullets, ex-Pestilence). Stefan does not sound quite as sick and over the top as Martin, but there are resemblances. The band has played quite many gigs over the last years and to open for Testament at the famous Dynamo Club in Eindhoven has been the highlight so far. This shows that the band has a big potential, you have to do something good to support them.


If you need some musical comparisons, Lamb of God, Hail of Bullets (especially the song "Doomsday") and early Death are some I'd mention. But you should add a lot of groove ("Sick World") and thrash-riffs too. Just listen to "In Blood and Heart" (Testament kind-of riffs?) and you understand what I mean.


I know I keep saying this repeatedly, but again this is a Dutch debut album (and that's not because I'm Dutch) that is not inferior to a lot of foreign bands, on the contrary. A serious act to be reckoned with in the years ahead.


01. Intro

02. Further

03. The Reality

04. Infinte Madness

05. Overcome

06. Progress

07. Doomsday

08. In Blood and Heart

09. Sick World

Label: Deity Down Records
Provided by: Deity Down Records
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: October 10th 2009