Scandinavian Warmachine
Style: Death Metal
Release date: April 17th 2009

Paganizer are supposed to be the masters of heavy-as-hell old-school metal.
The question I've been asking myself during every listening: how then? How?

Scandinavian Warmachine is the so-called cult-band's seventh album. The veterans (they have existed as a band since 1998) show the will to crush all, and a corresponding lack of insight when it comes to the music. I won't blame them for not trying but this release shows far too little unity, there is absolutely no thread between the tracks, though this is supposed to be a concept album, if one judges by the titles.

The record could go forever without any ear-catching riff coming up.
I recall I almost enjoyed the couple of more melodic parts, accompanied by the blackened voice, but I have to admit again that these better parts came out of the blue. Too many breaks in the songs, nothing really sticking out.

Chaos is the word. The advertisement recommends it for fans of Carnage, Vader, Vomitory, early Amon Amarth, among others. Well, I do really like Vader for what Paganizer isn't, so... "All freaks will love it", the ad says further. Well then, gals and lads, you know who you are...


01. Forever Scorned
02. Scandinavian Warmachine
03. The Flesh
04. Colder
05. Thule in Flames
06. Distracting the Gods to Enable the Slaughter of Millions
07. An Aeon for the Damned
08. Crusader
09. Bonesaw Bonanza
10. Cold Seed Burning the Worlds
11. Morbid Panzer Batallion
12. Onword to Die
13. Punishement through Defeat
14. The Skies Beed Napalm
15. World of Smoking Ruins

Label: Cyclone Empire
Distribution: Shure Shot Worx
Reviewed by: LyM
Date: August 31st 2009