Style: Hard 'n' Heavy
Release date: June 13th 2009

The debut of Orpheus can be referred to hard ‘n’ heavy. Although this, it is quite a lot original. It has a plenty of distinctive features and it is something which you may seldom hear. The front lady of the band Ingrid Galadriel carries the most evident part of the cognizance of Orpheus.

If you don’t read the tracklist of the songs the first track will engross you with the melody of Lacuna Coil type (If you read it, it has already grabbed you!). The things however flow in other direction – a harsh turn, which will frequently happen afterwards. Ingrid Galadriel undertakes a jazz-singing approach which fits to the atmosphere of an elite rock club. The tough guitar riff is fluctuated with often changes in times and non-equal partition measures. This is predictable for a band with the name Orpheus!


While the melodic singing remains in the chorus and in the beginning of the next song “Constructing”, the things become more and more interesting… In the high spectrum of the vocal line appears new-wave manner of singing. The music has sensitively Scandinavian presence with its typical rather fast rhythm and melodies reminding of TNT and Yngwie Malmsteen. Surprises continue to appear in the third song “Bygones”. The American rock school is enriched with a game with the times and a singing in the style of Alanis Morissette. The music even crosses the boundaries and turns to an alternative rock sounding…


Not enough? The forth track “Mr. Manipulation” starts with “tender” hardcore recitative! The music is not changing but the singing definitely startles at some moments. I would say “Here it comes the ballad on duty!” if not having in mind that we could expect everything. The brilliant acoustic beginning of the “Peepin’ Tom” tries to overflow into psychedelics so common for Doors. A harsh turn! And we listen again to middle-tempo metal riff and the characteristic jazz-wave singing. Till the end of the track the tempo raises and the guitar solos start to bear a resemblance to those of Yngwie Malmsteen.


Lots of crossing references enliven Orpheus! But if you had heard the album to this point of a song called “Repay”, you will find that the band sounds in its exceptional own style. It remains the impression that Ingrid still does not know how to use her powerful and rich voice. The harsh changes in the times and the treasure of the music ideas are a little bit cluttered! As a result of all experiments the music sounds with a light taste of alternative rock.


As a whole it is a good and promising start! If the musicians concentrate their efforts, there is no doubt that they will start working for cleansing their style. There’s a lot of talent and potential in this rare and interesting band. Let’s hope that Orpheus will quickly follow up this album with another one.


01. Fuck Me Over
02. Constructing
03. Bygones
04. Mr. Manipulative
05. Peepin’ Tom
06. Repay
07. Bloodflow
08. The Plan 

Label: Sidehorn Records
Distribution: See website
Artwork rating: 25/100
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: November 10th 2009
Website: www.myspace.com/orphmo