One Without
Thoughts of a Secluded Mind
Style: Melodic Metal
Release date: September 28th 2009

Genre: Melodic Death Metal. That's what the record company has printed on the info-sheet. But I would leave that death part out of it. O.K., sometimes you hear a little grunt or scream, but that's more in the back ground. Melodic metal, with some Gothenburg guitar parts is what we get.

Actually the music is a kind of modern In Flames/Sonic Syndicate with clean female vocals. Especially these vocals make it a non death-metal album. Some songs are rather poppy and they even do remind me of the new Autumn record. Catrin Feymark is a good singer, but she could use some more variety in her vocals. At the end of the album there are a few songs that aren't that strong, as a matter of fact the album fades away a bit like a night candle. The first part of the album is the best, unfortunately they could not hold this standard throughout the complete record. If they succeed in writing an album with only strong tracks next time, I give them a good chance to survive in the overcrowded market.

An album that did not completely overwhelm me, but I certainly think there will be a lot of you that will enjoy the new One Without album.

01. Farewell
02. Your Game
03. Before We All
04. Seperation
05. Withered Serenade
06. Reign With Hate
07. Ignorance
08. Distance Between
09. Reachable Existence
10. Once In Silence
11. Lost to Solitude
12. Chained
Label: Lifeforce Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark) 
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: September 1st 2009