One Morning Left
Panda Penguin Vol. 2
Style: Some kind of "Core-Stuff".
Release date: June 29th 2009

I just donít get it... all that screamo-emo-metal-core stuff, or what the hells itís called. One Morning Left hails from Finland and they certainly sound quite different from what Iím used to, so maybe Iím the wrong person to review this album called ĎPanda Penguin Vol. 2í (What a title, right?)


The Fins are everything from screamo, emo, metal-core, electro, pop-rock... and everything in between but I just donít get it. Listening to this release gives me a migraine headache and I found myself doing other things, such as; Watching TV or doing the laundry.


There are only a few riffs here and there that have caught my attention and I just canít stand the screamo-emo vocals (or what itís called). This kind of music is just not my cup of tea.


I will strongly advice you to check this band out because maybe this kind of music is right for you? I just canít stand to listen to it anymore. Sorry.

01. Panda <3 Penguin
02. Worthless Girls
03. BD_L3Lovers
04. Excuse Me, How Can I Get...
05. SMS Pissing
06. Out Ronique
07. My Brand New Nikes Made...
08. Sweden Hockey Dreams
09. Jack The Flipper
Label: Dockyard 1 / Pain Inc.
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 5/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: July 19th 2008