Nuclear Vomit
Style: Anal Fisting Gore Grind
Release date: November 2008

Question: What do you get if you clone a squealing pig with a porn obsessed grindcore band?

Answer: Nuclear Vomit.


This Polish quintet has delivered one of the most interesting and indeed entertaining takes on grindcore I’ve heard since Canadian Fuck The Facts.


Nuclear Vomit’s debut album ‘Obora’ combines the brutality and versatility of Napalm Death and Autopsy with stints of Morbid Angel. Yeah, they are alright!

What I really like in a band of this genre is the ability to bang away in a straight from the gut blastbeat section and then turn it into a waltzing, heavy groove – and Nuclear Vomit can do just that.


Vocalists Ulcer and Vaginathor deliver in part piggy-like squeals and growls and this way ensures the band a fair amount of originality…some might find it annoying, I think it works just fine.

Between tracks, ‘Obora’ is spiced up with sound bites, predominantly from porn flicks. These have, of course, been tampered slightly to include miscellaneous pig sounds.

The production of the disc is not over the top fantastic, but there you go, can't get everything right the first time, can you?

Nice one (for those minded on the sicker side of metal, naturally)!


01. Scream of Rotten Whore
02. Bestial Devastation
03. Torpeds from Satan's Ass
04. Voicefetor
05. Analcephalus
06. Pathological Bestial Masturbation
07. Halucinagore Orgy
08. XXX Maniacs
09. Violence's Slave
10. Obora
11. Poland Catholand Patholand
12. Gorefuck
13. Pornoland
14. Cold Turkey (ahumado Granujo cover)
15. Slaughterhouse (Mortician cover)

Label: Mad Lion Records
Provided by: Mad Lion Records
Artwork rating: 45/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: May 16th 2009
Website: Nuclear Vomit @ MySpace