Nova Orbis
Style: Gothic Metal
Release date: October 2009

A South American metal band, formed in Bogotá (Colombia) in 2005. Nova Orbis's (which means "New World" in Latin) music is a mix of gothic and some progressive elements with a metallic edge. There is enough tempo and there are enough nice guitar riffs so that they do not become a soft gothic act.


The vocals of Ana Maria Barajas are not the best in the genre, mainly the pronunciation of some English words could be better. Not that Ana is a bad singer, but she is still not good enough to compete in this genre. Every now and then there are male vocals in the songs, mostly clean and occasionally more aggressive ones. The vocals sound o.k., but have to improve on future albums.


Elements and influences of bands like Within Forever, After Temptation and a bit Nightwish can be found in several songs. The keyboard parts sound quite good and they see to it that a lot of songs don't get bored. The biggest problem I have with this record is that I can't keep my attention during the whole album. I don't exactly know why not, but I think it must have something to do with the song writing. Not every song has the same quality and not every song is that exciting.


A decent album from this band, but they need to grow in song writing department to make the songs more sensational. For a debut album however it's not a bad effort.


01. Castle of Exile

02. Unstable Mind

03. Dark Delusion

04. Ancient Guardian

05. Change

06. Love Remains

07. The Lamp

08. Sarah Deserves to Rest

09. Falling of the Empire

10. Wisdom Hunter

Label: Self Released
Provided By: Lugga Music Productions
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: November 11th 2009