Violent Revenge
Style: Old school Thrash Metal
Release date: June 15th 2009

The first track takes me back to a time when I was just sixteen. It was a time when I was showing off on my first motor driven bicycle trying to get the attention of the opposite sex. It must probably have been the year in which Destruction's 'Eternal Devastation' tortured my record-player and "Curse the Gods" came screaming out of the speakers.

But it isn't 1986 anymore, so what does this band add to the metal scene? Nothing new I would say. They are old school thrashers playing songs in Destruction, Kreator and Assassin style. Even the songs are not better than the ones those bands came up with back then. The members even dress in the same old-school style, with the spikes and the machinegun-belts. The band has no intention whatsoever to invent something new, they just want to play the same music as their heroes did back in the 80's and there is nothing wrong with that.

If you are into German 80's thrash (still), you have probably found your record of the month. For me it is all too average and nothing new. Listening to the inventors of this style gives me more pleasure in the end than listening to this new Nocturnal. Listen and judge yourself.

01. Hellhunt
02. Atomic Warfare
03. Slaughter Command

Death is the Answer

05. Beast of Hades
06. Disgracer
07. Dark Rat Eyes
08. Swarm of Insects
09. Creation of the Possessed
10. Hells Forces
Label: Displeased Records
Distribution: Displeased Records
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: June 23rd 2009