Sky Disk
Style: Sludge/Stoner Metal
Release date: June 12th 2009

NEBRA is a project from Switzerland featuring EX- and current members of KNUT, MUMAKIL and NOSTROMO. ‘Sky Disk’ is the title of their debut EP and contains 5 instrumental tracks.


The 5 tracks can be described as sludge/stoner metal and fans of ISIS, MASTODON and TORCHE will probably wet their pants in excitement when they listen to this EP... but I’m not fully convinced.


The first 3 tracks are quite boring in my opinion mostly because they sound a bit repetitive to me. But when we reach track 4 something happens. “Magellan Clouds” is far more interesting and suddenly there’s hope for this band. NEBRA ends this EP with the best track of the bunch... namely with the excellent “Sailing the Methane Seas. The thrashy guitar riffs will blow you away... I promise.


NEBRA is working on new tracks for a forthcoming album... and if they can come up with 9 or 10 tracks of the same quality as “Sailing the Methane Seas they will release a hammer album.


Listen before you buy.


01. Shoulder of Orion
02. Tannhäuser Gate
03. Andromeda Crash Curse
04. Magellan Clouds
05. Sailing the Methane Seas

Label: Pelagic Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 50/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: May 30th 2009