Omnicide - Creation Unleashed
Style: Black/death-metalcore
Release date: May 29th 2009

Just a few more days and the wait is over for all Neaera fans. Third album 'Armamentarium' wasn't a bad album and the band has succeeded in making a better fourth one. The band started in 2003 and the first record had a lot similarity with a band like Heaven Shall Burn. Fortunately they have found their own path to create a sound more of their own.

'Omnicide' is an obvious successor. The melodic metalcore is still the main course, but they have put more black-metal influences into the songs. The vocals of Benny have improved and he is capable of singing the songs with more expression and emotion, not just the standard grunts and screams but more mature. The interesting riffs in several songs make sure that this is more than an average melodic metalcore act - the song "Caesura" is a good example.

Neaera's fourth is a nice album to listen to, it will not put the world upside down, but it's better than the lot. If you want to hear a mix of metalcore with Amon Amarth take a listen.

01. Loathe
02. Prey to Anguish
03. The Wretched of the Earth
04. Grave New World
05. Age of Hunger
06. Caesura
07. Omnicide
08. In Near Ruins
09. The Nothing Doctrine
10. I Am the Rape
Label: Metal Blade Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: May 25th 2009