Style: Epic dramatic metal
Release date: February 20th 2009

Stormspell Records has picked up this band hailing from Puorto Rico. As far as I know a Narval is the French name of a kind of sword-fish. What this has to do with metal I don't quite understand, but what's in a name? The music they serve us is a combination of true, classic, doom and a bit power metal. Nothing wrong so far I would say, but the biggest problem I have with this CD is the vocals.

Erico "La Bestia" who is responsible for the vocals is a way below average singer. He tries to put some drama in his sound, but fails regularly. Besides the lower singing, also his higher more screaming vocals are often false and irritating. The album would be so much better with a good singer. Musically it isn't that bad, some songs are even very well written, but as soon as the singing starts...

The band finds its inspiration in bands such as Rainbow, Warlord, Uriah Heep, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Manowar. They don't however never get on the same level as any of them. You can hear that they have tried to make a mixture, but they have not yet the same song writing skills. The song  "King of Dreams" is even an ode to one of their heroes: Ronnie James Dio. I think Ronnie would advice singing lessons or a new  singer.

With the tons of releases every month you have to come up with more than this if you want metal fans to buy your album. With the first album they failed to pass the exams, but they deserve a retest with the next one. You should only give this one a try if you can look past the vocals.

01. Dance of the Burning Moonlight
02. The Cold Forest Song
03. Black Widow
04. My Gipsy Lady
05. Siren's Call

Blood Pact

07. My Faith
08. Ring of Sorrow
09. Hero's Fall Trilogy
10. King Of Dreams
11. The Diary of Satan
Label: Stormspell Records
Provided by: Stormspell USA
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: March 19th 2009