Mystic Prophecy
Style: U.S. Power Metal
Release date: May 22nd 2009

Yeah, 'Fireangel' is already the sixth album from this German five-piece. Which is a little surprise taking the triple M-exodus into account? Mathias S. (dr), Martin G. (g) and Martin A. (b) all quit because they could not longer combine it with their daily jobs and family. So founder and vocalist Liapakis had to look for new members, fortunately the other M, guitarist Markus Pohl didn't leave. He succeeded and I must confess that I don't hear any difference in the musical skills, so mission accomplished.

From starters Mystic Prophecy plays a kind of U.S. Power metal, a bit in the line of Iced Earth. Heavy riffing, fast drum-driven songs combined with melody and good vocals. The songs have grown from album to album and with the albums 'Savage Souls' and 'Satanic Curses' Mystic Prophecy stated that they were one of the heaviest in their genre. Both albums are the heaviest in the bands existence.

With 'Fireangel' Liapakis combines the best of both worlds. There are fast and heavy songs such as "We Kill You Die", "Death under Control" and "Gods of War", but also more mid-tempo and more grooving songs such as "Devil's Crown", "Fight Back the Light" and"To the Devil I Pray". Due to the production of Liapakis himself, the songs boom out of the boxes.Mystic Prophecy shows that we have to reckon with them in the future. They still are one of the heaviest and catchiest German (U.S.) power metal combo's around.

Fans of the genre know enough!

01. Across the Gates of Hell
02. Demons Blood
03. We Kill You Die
04. Father Save Me
05. To the Devil I Pray
06. Fireangel
07. Fight Back the Light
08. Death Under Control
09. Revolution Evil
10. Gods Of War
11. Forever Betrayed
Label: Massacre Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: May 3rd  2009
Website: Mystic Prophecy @ MySpace