Style: Rock'n'Metal
Release date: October 5th 2009

Swedish Mustasch has that indefinable 'it'.

This is real rockínímetal played by real men who donít give a shit if what they do is old-fashioned.

They donít give a shit either whether you like that they throw in some crazy stuff or not Ė like Swedish fiddles. Or a piece of orchestration that makes the first 30 seconds of the album sound like a mixture of Black Sabbathís theme song and Metallicaís ĎS&Mí.
From there on, it's the pedal to the metal and onwards, ho!


Mustasch is Metallica when they rock.
Mustasch is Black Sabbath when they rock.
They are unashamedly rock in their display of power, heaviness, groove and catchiness.


This album is a must for fans of concrete solid rock music.


01. Tritonus (Prelude)

02. Heresy Blasphemy

03. Mine

04. Damn Itís Dark

05. The Man The Myth The Wreck

06. The Audience Is Listening

07. Desolate

08. Deep In The Woods

09. Iím Frustrated

10. Lonely

11. Blackout Blues

12. Tritonus

Label: Regain Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 55/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: October 6th 2009