Behold the Failure
Style: Powerful Grindcore Metal
Release date: April 6th 2009

Correct me if I’m wrong, but haven’t we all felt so angry that we were about to smash up our furniture? Well... I certainly have!


If you sometimes feel as frustrated like me, then do yourself a favour and throw this CD by this Swiss band MUMAKIL in your hard-tried CD-player and let their music beat the living crap out of you instead of destroying a table... or whatever.


‘Behold the Failure’ contains 27 tracks of pure, faster than the speed of light, grinding metal with a touch of hardcore punk. The songs are quite short but very intense and effective if you’re looking for total aggression. But do have in mind that this disc is not suitable for background music... no way! You have to concentrate to suck up all the details and you really have to give this disc a couple of spins to let it "blossom"... or else it would sound like total chaos to you.


Some of the tracks seems to flow into one another and won’t leave a mark in your brain... but tracks like; “The Order is Fucked up”, Useless Fuck”, Without Grief”, or the ultra fast “Let There Be Meat” shows that this band is quite capable of writing a catchy riff... if you can use the term “catchy” in this kind ofmusic... LOL.


‘Behold the Failure’ is certainly not for everyone. Certainly not for the average metal fan. This band

means war and will scare the living shit out of your neighbours if you play this album loud.



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Label: Relapse Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: March 19th 2009