Songs from the Lighthouse
Style: Melodic Symphonic/Progressive Rock
Release date: March 3rd 2008

Normally Italian bands in rock/metal isnít exactly my favourite, but with these guys I have to make an exception Ė this is very good! And on top of that, like with some of the albums that lasted longest by me, it gets better for every spin in the player, so maybe thereís a basis for a long time favourite with this album.

Moongarden started out as a band in the early nineties, and has had setbacks due to ďpersonal troublesĒ, and has gone through several line-up changes, latest from the 2004-release Round Midnight to this one, replacing singer Luca Palleschi with the original singer (and guitarist) Simone Baldini Tosi and drummer Max Sorrentini with Maurizio Di Tollo. The band consist furthermore of Marco Tafelli on guitar and violin, Mirko Tagliasacchi on bass and founding member Christiano Roversi on keyboards and Chapman Stick.

The real strong part of this album is for me the overall mood of the album, the flowing melodies, and the arrangements that draws the different instruments into creating both mellow, epic and bombastic atmospheres. The violin is one of the strongest contributors to this.

The weak part would then be the repetition in some of the tracks, and some tracks simply not living up to the standard to be heard in the stronger compositions of the album. Not knowing their previous work (4 albums) this is said without knowing anything about their musical history, but itís definitely a band I have to check out some more, discovering some of their previous recordings.

Allthough this is very much progressive rock, it also holds some pop-elements that could probably make them popular in a broader public

Much can be said about the kind of artwork that appears on this album, and though I donít think itís mandatory for a progressive/symphonic rock-band to have a more or less surrealistic cover, it sort of defines the musical direction to be expected of the album, so thatís okay with me.

Summing up this is a nice album, with itís ups and downs, but if youíre into progrock, try checking it out.


My Darkside


Itís You






That Child






Southampton Railroad


Sonya In Search Of The Moon 4


The Lighthouse Song

Label: ProgRock Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 84/100
Reviewed by: Claus Melsen
Date: April 8th 2009
Website: Moongarden @ MySpace