Eternal Twilight
Style: Melodic Power Metal
Release date: December 2008

The influences of Minuetum are clear – Firewind, Iron Maiden, Vision Divine, Stratovarius... anyway, you get the idea. Unfortunately it’s little more than these influences that emerge from “Eternal Twilight”. There are a few good ideas but the band seems over-attached to a handful of melodies and appears reluctant to expand beyond them.

“Eternal Twilight” was produced by Bob Katsonis – keyboardist and guitarist of melodic powerhouse Firewind. Bob also provides the axe-work of this album and the level of solos he usually displays with Firewind are transposed more or less intact with this ‘new’ band. I’m not all that convinced, however, of the production he has done for these co-nationals.

Another major problem of this album is the weak diction of the vocals, being also severely limited in range. Generally the riffs cry out for a stronger punch and the keyboards are downright mediocre. Having said that, there are a few keyboard bits - such as the intro to ‘Key To Glory’ and the instrumental ‘Sky Minuet’ – that are so much better in quality that I strongly suspect Mr Katsonis has had more than the production to do with them.

Clearly there are quite a few aspects on this album that need urgent attention. A discernible effort by the band helps earn “Eternal Twilight” a pass mark. However, before pursuing another record deal, Minuetum might want to work more on developing their sound.


01. Eternal Twilight
02. Follow Us
03. Ghost King
04. Hero Divine
05. Into the Night
06. Key To Glory
07. Sky Minuet
08. The Dark Half
09. The Tribe is Calling
10. Time to Fly

Label: Self Released
Distribution: Nope
Reviewed by: Chris Galea
Date: May 2nd 2009
Website: Minuetum @ MySpace