Mind Odyssey
Time to Change it
Style: Melodic Metal / Power Metal
Release date: March 2nd 2009

I was really hoping the title of the album was normative for the fifth Mind Odyssey album entitled: 'Time to Change it', but in all honesty it is hard to detect any real progress from the trio. This is still powerful melodic metal with focus on Victor Smolski and his fretboard.

The guitar playing is exquisite and being the main song writer means there is plenty of room in each and every little part of every song for him to showcase his abilities. And it goes without saying that the technical level is very high, and the guitar work alone makes this appealing for shredder fans.

I wish the song writing and the vocal performance from Mario Le Mole was worth praising in the same way, but the music is not at any point any better nor worse than so many other bands in this genre, and Mario has his limitations and doesn't bring the intensity and power needed to make this album memorable.

Victor shreds away, and the rhythm section plays along, but I want my melodic metal to be catchy and memorable, something I miss dearly on this album. If only a brilliant guitarist was everything you needed to make a good album...

01. Riding and Ruling
02. Enemy Daggers
03. I Want it All
04. Face In the Rain
05. Final Fight
06. Higher Ground
07. Storm Warning
08. Time To Change It
09. Raven and Swan
10. Under the Moonlight
Label: Napalm Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: February 21st 2009
Website: www.mindodyssey.de