Michale Graves
Illusions Live/Viretta Park
Style: Acoustic intensity
Release date: October 21st 2008

On paper, it sounds good.


You take this character who’s fronted The Misfits, done some WCW wrestling, toured the world with The Misfists, toured the States with his solo material. He’s certainly been around the block. You put an acoustic guitar in his hands and a microphone in front of him and record whatever comes out.


It ought to be intense, right?


It is. Really intense. To the point where it gets really terrible. Michale Graves insists to get under your skin and very soon his very intense but not exactly fantastic voice gets to you and his guitar becomes monotony incarnate.


And what is interesting is that the recording is very honest. You get the scratchy sounds when Michale peaks and the channels of the sound board are not ready for it. Hell, you even get the murmur of the folks that couldn’t care less about Graves’ churning out his feelings on stage.


For die-hard fans of The Misfits only – and I do mean die-hard!


01. Blackbird

02. Fiend Club

03. Almost Home

04. Beware

05. Gorch

06. Butchershop

07. Ophelia

08. Shining

09. Lucifer I Am

10. Wormwood

11. Casket

12. You Awful Me

13. One Million Light Years From Her

14. Frost Bite

15. Nothing

16. Scream

17. Crying On Saturday Night

18. Blackbird

19. The Beast Of Me

20. A Generation Coming Down

21. Locked Away

22. The Eternal Haunting

23. Viretta Park

Label: Screaming Crow Records
Artwork rating: 45/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: April 2nd 2009
Website: www.michalegraves.net