Grounded (Chapter Eight)
Style: Power Metal
Release date: September 25th 2009

Writer's block is not the problem for Metalium. With their 8th album in 10 years existence they are probably one of the most productive bands around. To be honest, I don't possess all eight of them. I bought Chapter two and three when they were issued, after that I lost interest in the band. The lack of interest was created by the small musical differences between both albums.

On their eight album 'Grounded' there is no doubt about it, this is Metalium. Henning Basse's typical sound is even recognizable for the deaf. He is still a very certain and stable factor, although he is still not one of the top singers in the power metal genre. They also leave no questions asked in what they stand for. In Manowar-style they start the song "Heavy Metal" with the phrase: 'We are heavy metal, if you don't like it: FUCK YOU!' You immediately know what to expect.

Although the band puts in a bit more variety with songs like "Falling into Darkness", the heavy riffing track "Light of Day" and the balladesk songs "Borrowed Time" and "Lonely", it's most of the time full speed ahead Metalium metal. You can compare Metalium with an Opel. Decent, reliable, predictable, average and after a while getting a little bit boring.

That does not alter the fact that Metalium made a Teutonic metal album that can be bought blindly by fans and other people who fancy German power metal. Different album, same story!

01. Heavy Metal
02. Light of Day
03. Pay the Fee
04. Pharos Slavery
05. Crossroad Overload
06. Falling Into Darkness
07. Alone
08. Borrowed Time
09. Once Loyal
10. Lonely
Label: Massacre Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark) 
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: September 5th 2009