Lynch Mob
Smoke and Mirrors
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: September 18th 2009

Lynch Mob, the brainchild of guitarist George Lynch (ex-Dokken, ex-Ozzy Osbourne), return once more with studio-album no. 5 since the band’s first incarnation. Akin a handful of surviving bands from the U.S.A., such as Night Ranger, Winger and Dokken, Lynch Mob proffer quality and technically adept Hard Rock. On this level, “Smoke And Mirrors” doesn’t disappoint.

The album sounds particularly convincing in the more bluesy songs such as the infectious ‘My Kind of Healing’ - a far cry from the misguided rap-metal of 1999’s “Smoke This” album (Hmmm…I wonder if the similarity between the album titles is purely a co-incidence…). The impact of “Smoke and Mirrors” might not be too strong in today’s highly diverse music panorama. Lynch Mob, however, do seem to have positively evolved in aspects such as sound-recording quality.

Old time fans will be happy to hear the voice of Oni Logan in Lynch Mob’s fold. (Before “S.&M.” the last recording Oni had done with the band was “Syzygy”, which dated back to 1998.) Songs such as ‘Where Do You Sleep At Night’ prove that his voice is still in strong form. His singing often reminds me of the late great Ray Gillen, albeit certainly not on par with latter’s genius. With George and Oni are drummer Scott Coogan (Ace Frehley, Brides Of Destruction) and bassist Marco Mendoza (Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy). Indeed an impressive line-up which generally delivers to its expectations.

“Smoke and Mirrors” wouldn’t, so to speak, challenge the intellectually discerning listener. On the other hand, if it’s no-bullshit, good old Hard Rock that makes your day, look no further than “Smoke and Mirrors”.


01. 21st Century Man (4:55)
02. Smoke and Mirrors ( 5:00)
03. Lucky Man (4:29)
04. My Kind of Healer (3:33)
05. Time Keepers (6:54)
06. Revolution Heroes (4:01)
07. Let The Music Be Your Master (6:19)
08. The Phacist (4:10)
09. Where Do You Sleep At Night (3:50)
10. Madly Backwards (4:12)
11. We Will Remain (4:37)
12. Before I Close My Eyes (4:43)
13. Mansions in the Sky (Bonus Track) (4:19)

Label: Frontiers Records
Promotion: Zink Music
Distribution: Bonnier/Amigo (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Chris Galea
Date: September 23rd 2009