The Will to Survive
Style: Hard (mosh) core
Release date: February 13th 2009

Hatebreed, Blood for Blood and Madball,  just some names that come to mind when I put this Lionheart CD on. If you thought that the Bay-area only stands for thrash metal, you would be wrong. These guys kick ass with their aggressive hardcore which also has some real metal riffs.


The vocals of Rob are real hardcore-style kind of vocals. Aggressive and angry at the whole world. Because of that you can put the hardcore stamp on the band. Musically they have some moshing parts combined with interesting riffs and the music is rather technical. This makes them a bit different from most of the hardcore combo's - there is more variety in it. They combine the groove from Madball with the aggression of Blood for Blood, Hatebreed and Pro-Pain.


But in the end it is still really heavy and aggressive hardcore. NYHC - fans won't get swellings buying this one. Because the record was already limitedly released (1000 pieces) late 2007, the record company included 6 bonustracks exclusively for the European version. If you want to see them live, they play at Loppen in Copenhagen on March 4th.


01. Introducing

02. Wasteland

03. This is Who I Am

04. No Way Out

05. F.T.W.

06. Calling You Out

07. With Honor

08. Filled With Hate

09. Hard Times

10. Escalante

11. The Will to Survive

12. Buried Alive

13. Calling You Out

14. It's Too Late

15. What Doesn't Kill You

16. I'm Already Dead

17. This Means War

Label: I Scream Records
Provided by: Gordeon Music Promotion
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: March 1st 2009